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Season 1: Episodes and Clips

VisionKeepers Season 01 Trailer

Co-operation in Charleston

In South Carolina, the green roof revolution; a locally focused coop incubates farm and food enterprise; an innovative bridge helps protect the marshland ecosystem.

Length: 27 Minutes

Pipe Dreams – Gray to Green

In Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR, replacing traditional pipework processing with “green” infrastructure, along with new legislation, has transformed storm water management with stunning environmental and community benefits.

Length: 27 Minutes

Reclaiming and Rebuilding

In Oregon, two non-profits build community from a culture of second chances – one with mentor programs to turn lives around after hardship, another that salvages building materials sold to profit the community.

Length: 27 Minutes

Programming a Smarter City

In Kansas City, a revolution of integrated technology is going to enhance livability with responsive, real-time solutions to transportation, communication and more issues across cities and workplaces.

Length: 27 Minutes

Not Business as Usual

In Atlanta, a manufacturing company becomes an advocate for the earth, changing their process without losing profits and making community education part of their mission.

Length: 27 Minutes

Cultivating a Community

In Austin, TX, Barton Springs’ successful balance of public playground and federally protected habitat, and programs geared to families and children promote healthy lifestyles, offer sustainability of the human experience.

Length: 27 Minutes