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VisionKeepers™ is a 30-minute, human interest series featuring individuals and organizations leaving their unique print on the world.
We take our name from the term “vision statement”. Found in almost every business and organization, these statements motivate and inspire,
capturing the changes we aim to bring to society.

Our Vision

Our vision is that one day everyone will be free to unleash their creativity and design a more sustainable human experience. This will ripple outward to create a better world.

From small community-based efforts to large multinational campaigns, we all have ways of leaving a print. By showcasing positive activities that people & organizations are undertaking at all levels of society, VisionKeepers aims to inspire and empower everyone to take action and find sustainable options in their lives.

Why VisionKeepers™?

Our Vision of Change

The VisionKeepers™ series is created and hosted by Dan Bärham, an American entrepreneur in land management and investment who dedicated himself to promoting conservation and sustainability after an assignment in Europe changed his perspective.

As Bärham explains, “The sustainability movement goes back for generations before it had a name. It’s much more sophisticated in scope now, but easier than ever to achieve. The stories we’ll tell on VisionKeepers™ demonstrate how we can be the change that’s needed to preserve our country’s resources and improve our communities.”

At the end of each episode, Bärham ask, “We all leave our print on this world, what will yours be?™” – inviting viewers to continue the conversation online at VisionKeepersTV.com where they can post about their own local sustainability efforts and get ideas from others.

We all leave a print on this world.
What will yours be?™


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