VisionKeepers™ is a 30-minute, human interest series featuring individuals and organizations leaving their unique print on the world.
We take our name from the term “vision statement”. Found in almost every business and organization, these statements motivate and inspire,
capturing the changes we aim to bring to society.

Our Vision

Our vision is that one day everyone will be free to unleash their creativity and design a more sustainable human experience. This will ripple outward to create a better world.

From small community-based efforts to large multinational campaigns, we all have ways of leaving a print. By showcasing positive activities that people & organizations are undertaking at all levels of society, VisionKeepers aims to inspire and empower everyone to take action and find sustainable options in their lives.

Why VisionKeepers™?

Our Vision of Change

Sustainability is found in the large majority of the population who want to be creative and use their natural gifts and graces. But many are trapped by old, outdated stereotypes. People instinctively understand they can’t keep doing the same things, the same way, and expect to get a different outcome. Yet, they do just that.

It’s time for a change. VisionKeepers doesn’t tell them they need to change – we show what happens when that occurs. We encourage, yes – even challenge, viewers to get creative by showcasing other people’s creativity unleashed. This affirms it’s okay to break free.

To be sure, many will watch, but not act. That’s okay, too.

VisionKeepers seeks to entertain the viewer and take them to that place they want to go – even if they decide not to stay there by making it real in their lives. Ours is a gentle, yet resolute, call to action.

We stand a greater chance of getting society back on a level plane, not by screaming at one another, but through actions rooted in care, understanding, and love. We’ll offer great stories that inspire action and empower others to move past differences as we work together for a common cause. We will provide information to help people choose change for themselves. After all, when they decide for themselves, the buy-in is greater and longer lasting. In short, advocates are born!

The biggest fallacy is thinking we change people – no, they change themselves. Let’s make it easier! Let’s help show there’s another foundation upon which to stand right next to the one they’re already on. And that there’s a supportive group of people waiting to welcome them. Then it’s easy to step from one to the other. There’s no fall into the unknown.

Wherever you are in your life, wherever you stand, we hope you will join us. We all leave a print on this world. What will yours be?

— Dan Bärham, Founder and Producer

We all leave a print on this world. What will yours be?™

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